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Matter Into Spirit:
How Science and Spirituality Become Harmonic Frequencies

Luc James Barry


The following seeks to address the apparent disparity between conventional science and spiritual teachings from the ancient eastern and modern world. The height of quantum mechanics is the infancy of spirituality, when quantum mechanics becomes strange, unpredictable and immeasurable using previously applied maths and logic one must wonder if he should not look within himself at this point. The following information at its core intent is to take the tapestry of information, knowledge and theory and present them at their basics with continuity and coherence.

A Matter Of Solidity In The Illusory World

Is the intellect worshiped too much?, knowledge vs. virtue. I must quench a thirst for understanding and typically l enjoy discussing mechanics, science and metaphysics in general, either online or in person when I have the pleasure of such an encounter I love understanding the complexities.                        I dislike not being able to grasp the meanings behind popular expressions within the spiritual community, for instance I did not know for a long time the real world ramifications and mechanics behind the viewpoint "all matter in the world is energy condense to a slow vibration" as has been similarly expressed in a variation of ways.

After a lot of research as will be evident in the following text I am satisfied with my understanding of this proclamation, but of course there is still yet so much to understand. I've often described the world as a car and I must look under the worlds bonnet to see what is holding this experience and reality together.                                           Sometimes however I feel while I am inspecting the intricacies of the machine and analysing how life works I forget to live the life itself, in other words if you forever study your car within the confines of your garage you will never experience the exhilaration of the drive.            Further to this, knowledge and love doesn't necessarily go hand in hand, it would seem that all knowledge and understanding of quantum mechanics as it relates to the human experience starts and ends with love if indeed one moves forward in pursuing their truth with an open heart and mind. At least this has been my personal finding. It is great to uphold a sense of knowing and understanding though I do wonder at times, did Mother Teresa need to know how all matter in the universe was energy condensed to a slow vibration?. While I had always possessed a healthy level of curiosity especially in the area of space, cosmic explorations and most enthusiastically I had and still have a particular interest in civilisations and non human intelligence, it was an event, a happening rather extraordinary in nature which transpired in the spring of 2012 that would further thrust me into a subsequent life long journey of understanding and discovering in the process that this phenomena was not unique to myself in learning that others had referred to this occurrence as a spiritual awakening.                                               Although I found some similarities in the accounts of many it was not until I became aware of the experience recounted by author, teacher and trained Buddhist monk Jack Kornfield and In his publication of "After the ecstasy the laundry: How the heart grows wise" (which I happened upon in an attempt to understand my own experience) did I find a sense of relief, refuge and comfort in the commonalities to my own experience.                       Indeed I had not observed anyone at this point to liken this phenomena to absolute ecstasy while comparing the following withdrawal from such a high to be akin to "the laundry" In a sense the almost indescribable experience was not to last and in fact one must return to the mundane trials and tribulations of day to day life for its in these moments that true work, growth and advancements are being achieved. This all took place on a day which appeared to unfold as per any uneventful day. I felt particularly discouraged in reflection of my life direction, during some quiet contemplation I questioned my success or lack thereof in accomplishing nothing more than attaining the heights of living the conventional "married with 2 children" life. This was an anomaly in mindset to my otherwise positive disposition and ability to extract a silver lining in all seemingly less than desirable situations.                                                                    My wallowing in self pity however did not linger, as if a carefully and tactfully placed sentiment designed to trigger a dormant fire within me came into acknowledgment, "it all starts with you". This simple idea would set off a sequence of events which I approximate in length to be no longer than 10 minutes but yet would render me for some time afterwards to a state of wonderment, bewilderment, ecstasy and a multitude of uplifting emotions. Amongst the concoction of simultaneous feelings and impressions was the sense of a presence, the presence of something or someone responsible for the delivery of this grand realisation and state of ecstasy that I imagined was not attainable without some kind of mind and full body altering drug.                                                     As if this moment was a culmination of all things learned and the interconnecting of all things which once appeared separate, the truest of all "a ha" moments. Again I could not shake the feeling of a benevolent figure responsible for the flood of activity within the mind body and soul, this reassuring yet unknown presence had literally placed ideas, concepts and ultimately by way of including itself within my immediate surrounding a sense of love, compassion, warmth, understanding and safety.                                                                  This being exuded these qualities and I was picking up on this, Was it an angel?, my higher self? a guide sent to correct my potential falling into despair?. There were concepts, idea's and analogies sort of "placed" into my head, I liken this experience to the following example.
Say for instance I want to communicate to you themes and ideologies of a complex nature, while I myself may understand these you on the other hand my find it difficult to comprehend.                         At this point rather than attempting to play Tetris with my words and struggle to formulate the best arrangement for them I simply take my thoughts and place them inside your head so that you momentarily but instantaneously integrate the ideas within your own mind immediately making sense of them.                                                          The explanations and intuitiveness, the delicate arrangement of words and analogies I felt too wise to be of my own native thinking. Something had placed its finger on my forehead transferring a multitude of information within a split second leaving me in awe and in childlike wonderment.
Despite this entire sequence lasting anywhere between 5-10 minutes the residue of such an encounter would be felt for months to come carrying within it characteristics I would uphold and express to those in my immediate circle much to the worry of my Christian family, until such time that I was truly back, grounded and returned to a semblance of my original self. This was a return to the laundry Jack Kornfield had so accurately described. Alas, the ecstasy had passed and the work began.
"All matter in the universe is energy condensed to a slow vibration" ~Bill Hicks
What does this mean?, it sounds nice but what does it really mean? If we are to take a cup or a table and apply this statement to an object what can we say about the real world mechanics behind these words?, What is happening at the most minuet levels of matter?.                                           First we need to understand that everything is in motion, atoms in a molecule have periodic motion while the molecules are in a constant translation and rotational motion, the frequency of this motion is called vibrational frequency. At the most micro levels nothing is ever still. When light of a certain frequency hits a molecule that has a vibration who's motion corresponds to the same frequency the light gets absorbed into the molecule and the energy from the light causes the bonds to move in that specific vibrational motion.                       Everything is energy, frequency and vibration, in the case of molecules the sound/frequency determines the rate of its vibration and thus organizes the matter into geometry giving it its unique shape and appearance, it's the difference between a tree and a cup. While the microscopic world is beyond the capabilities of the naked eye we can however find visual representation of such a phenomena in experiments not too difficult to witness should you wish to find more than a simple analogy for the processes described.

In such an experiment salt or other fine substances are liberally spread out across a metal plate under which is a tone emitting device, as the device raises the pitch in a controlled manner we begin to see the emergence of various geometrical shapes being formed by the salt. The higher the pitch frequency the more complex and elaborate these shapes become.                                                              It's as though there is some kind of intelligence instructing and creating the mathematically formed patterns, there is a design and deliberateness at play contrived seemingly from the vibration of the plate caused by the resonance of the sound emitting device directly beneath.                                                                  So it can be concluded that in effect sound moves particles and although this is evident in various levitation experiments on a larger scale we understand the same is occurring on the macro scale as it relates to molecules within all things seemingly physical. This apparent physicality however is the illusion within the supposedly solid world for when we come to understand the nature and emptiness of atoms we are thus led to philosophical contemplations.                                     For instance the nucleus within the atom is exponentially smaller than that of the atom itself, this is comparable to a grain of sand sitting within a cathedral. In fact so empty is the space between the nucleus and the outer shell that if we were to exclude all the empty space within the atoms of each person on earth the entire population  would fit into a single grape fruit. Such a perplexing and mind boggling notion evokes the question and suspicion of solidity in a world made of atoms said to be 99% empty.                                                            How is it then that one cannot put his or hers hand through a wall? or walk entirely through solid matter?. While it is not recommended to test the theory I will however describe this illusion as being like the rotational and non rotational blades of a fan, although being that everything is in motion we will focus on the rotating of fan blades. While in a rapid spinning motion the blades appear to be solid, indeed if you were to attempt placing your hands through them you will discover in a rather unfortunate way that it is not possible to place ones hands through this seemingly solid object.                     Think of the singular sand grain as moving so rapidly within the cathedral that it occupies every bit of empty space, so much so that it creates the illusion of density within the cathedral not permitting you to enter as this would mean walking into a solid wall immediately upon opening the cathedral doors. So as we have sound that creates matter we must let there be light to observe the ever illusory world. Visible light belongs to a class in the electromagnetic spectrum.
Its frequency is said to reside in between ultra violet and infrared rays. Beyond this bracket outside of visible light reside radio waves, gamma rays and x-rays, While the human eye cannot decode the higher and lower frequencies the use of an x-ray machine allows us to understand the existence of these outer frequencies and light spectrums.              Classes within the electromagnetic spectrum contain their own frequency, wavelength and energy. A typical human eye will respond to wavelengths from about 390 to 700 nm. In terms of frequency this corresponds to a band in the vicinity of 430–770 THz. Visible light or that which the human eye can see accounts for a mere 0.0035% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

Let's take a look at the mechanics behind the brain, the eyes and light. Light enters the eye, is then focused and mirrored by the cornea and lens then projected onto the back of the eye. The retina sits behind the eye while seven layers of alternating cells and processes then convert a light signal into an electrical signal. The Eyes Translate Light into Image Signals for the Brain to Process and decode vision of the outside world. In fact all our senses are electrical signals interpreted by the brain.                     The eardrum will receive a sound/wave signal and send these signals through the cochlear nerve toward the brain which interprets the signals as sound, Much like a radio takes invisible frequency and converts it into sound Or better still a television antenna receives waves from a television station travelling unseen through the air, it contacts the receiver antenna which causes electrons to vibrate producing an electric current to convert the original signal into sight and sound seen on your television.

Without the use of the antenna and TV the sight and sound otherwise converted remains un-decoded frequency. You can look at your computer and monitor using these same principles in relation to wifi. The human "antenna" converts frequency into what is essentially our reality.  Without the human brain and its electrical signals to interpret such frequencies the electromagnetic spectrum remains merely un-decoded, undetermined and potential frequency of all possibility until the act of observation occurs.                                                   Does a tree falling make a sound if no one is there to hear it? Conventional thinking would suggest that anything operates as it would regardless of whether a person is there to experience its sights and sound. However understanding yet again that sound within itself is merely waveform while its the ear in association with the brain that will convert the waveform into the audible sound of a tree falling.                                      The idea that "out there" exist despite what is essentially the human frequency converter is not accurate. Without the ear and brain to convert waveform the effects of a tree falling remains as such unconverted. Without us there would be an ever expanding superposition of possibility without anything definite ever occurring. Since all our sense work within this same principle there is no "out there", out there is frequency interpreted by the brain and crystalline properties of the human. As curiously expressed in the film "The Matrix" 1999:
"What is real? How do you define real? If you are talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see then "real" is simply electrical signals interpreted by the brain".
It is interesting to make the comparison between the conductive nature of the crystal in a traditional Ham radio and crystalline found in the human body, both of which are conductive. Crystals are an important part of our functioning organism. The human bone for instance is made of calcium phosphate crystals comprising of solid crystal and it has the ability to convert energy into electric energy while also absorbing and storing energy from our foods. Practitioners of crystal therapy understand that certain types of crystal such as Lepidolite and the Himalayan salt crystal produce and improve the amount of negative ions in the air said to be beneficial as they increase air quality, improve our immune system and help to remove allergens while rebalancing the amount of positive ions emitted by appliances and electrical devices such as computers and mobile phones.                       Crystals can also be found in the Pineal Gland, a pea size gland located at the centre of the brain. When light hits the retina it is detected by the pineal gland informing it of your awakened state, conversely when the light shuts off for example during sleep the pineal gland is not receptive of external light.                                                            This non registering of light will activate a secretion of melatonin into the cerebral spinal fluid rendering the brain to that of a sleep state. What is most interesting however is that the interior of the pineal gland is filled with water and crystal. By way of Piezoluminescence somes crystals release photons while piezochromic crystals release all the colours of the visible spectrum in a process called piezochromism. The secretion responsible for this is popularly referred to as the spirit molecule, Dimethyltryptamine or simply DMT.                             Further still the properties of the pineal gland are similar in nature to that of the internal wiring of the eyes in its connection to the visual cortex within the brain. In functionality we are in effect talking about a physical representation of the third eye. Within eastern beliefs the glandular association to the third eye is the pineal gland. When the physical eyes are shut from light the internal third eye becomes receptive to the internal light.
Mathew 6:22 in the sermon on the mount - The light of the body is the eye, if therefore thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light". ~ King James Bible
The lamp of the body is the eye, if therefore your eye is sound your whole body will be full of light. ~ English Bible
Ancient Greeks described the pineal gland as being our connection to the realms of thought, Buddhist's describe it as a representation of spiritual awakening while in Hinduism it is connected to the third eye Chakra a source of all knowingness. Native Americans would ingest a concoction of natural DMT found in plants along with additional ingredients in a mixture known as Ayahuasca or Iowaska during ritual ceremonies said to bring about a connection to the spirit realm.                           It is not surprising then that knowledge of the third eye and its association to the physical counterpart being the pineal gland was considered to be common so long ago when you consider the non inclusion of artificial properties consumed in comparison to today. Most detrimental to a healthy pineal gland is the chemical fluoride added to drinking water and toothpaste. While it is proposed to be beneficial in protecting teeth from decay, excessive concentrations of fluoride will calcify the pineal gland rendering it less optimal along with fluoride being the cause of other more noticeable health complications.

The colours contained within visible light make up the entirety of colours and shades possible within our perceived existence when in combination with each other. The primary colours contained within visible light are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet each with their own frequency. Immediately beyond red and violet begin the introduction of infrared and Uv light respectively, as indicated in the next diagram.                                     Sound most appropriately and most easily understood in terms of frequency is the speed of vibration which determines the pitch of the sound. basic chords have a corresponding frequency. While understanding this we can deduce that various chords also have their corresponding colours. Chord D emits the colour blue at 598.5Hz and E is colour violet at 698.5Hz, all in approximation.

Colour            wavelength             frequency
violet            430 to 380nm          700 to 790thz
blue              500 to 430nm          600 to 700thz
cyan             520 to 500nm          580 to 600thz
green            565 to 520nm          530 to 580thz
yellow           590 to 565nm          510 to 530thz
orange          625 to 590nm          480 to 510thz
red               740 to 625nm          405 to 480thz

Frequency And Vibration

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla
Since colours are wavelengths and energy it is not too difficult at this point to make correlations between what we understand about the human body and such practices as sound therapy and colour therapy dating back to ancient Egypt, china and India.
"But what is most interesting is that, if a frequency is vibrating fast enough, it’s emitted as a colour of Light. If we wanted to convert sound to Light, we would simply raise its frequency forty octaves.  This results in a vibration in the trillions of cycles per second. So, if a pianist could press a key way above the eighty-eight keys that exist on a piano, that key would produce Light. They could create a chord of Light in the same way they can create a chord of sound. And it would be seen as colours of Light because it would be moving at the speed of Light. The philosophical and scientific basis for this Law of Vibration can be found in quantum physics and in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Energy is related to matter and the speed of Light.                      This is Einstein’s famous E = mc2 equation. When two frequencies are brought together, the lower will always rise to meet the higher. This is the principle of resonance.  So, when a piano is tuned, a tuning fork is struck, and then brought close to the piano string that carries that same musical tone, the string then raises its vibration automatically and attunes itself to the same rate at which the fork is vibrating. Using this principal of resonance, we can actually increase the speed at which the molecules in our bodies vibrate, through our thoughts of love, joy and gratitude.                                              When atoms slow down third dimensional matter is created; when they speed up, the higher dimensions of consciousness can be reached.  And the higher our consciousness is raised, the closer to Spirit we become." ~Vicky Anderson, author of her blog good reads
All matter within visible light uses the previously mentioned fundamental process at its molecular level. If we want to see outward manifestation of this molecular process we need not look further than resonant frequency breaking glass. Such is the case when the sound/frequency from a human voice disrupts the native or original frequency holding the molecular shape, density, and geometrical properties of a glass.                         when a higher frequency comes into contact with a lower and denser frequency the lower frequency begins to align with the  higher frequency. This can be seen in the physical world with the use of a tuning fork and instrument. When two pitches are played we experience what is known as interference beats, this beating decreases as the two pitches align and come into a harmonic relationship.                                                The molecules in a glass cup for instance are attempting to change their molecular structure and geometry in alignment with the introduction and contact of this external frequency produced by ones higher pitched voice, it is literally attempting to transform itself.                                                            The density of the glass due to its lower vibrational frequency means the glass shatters as oppose to changing its molecular structure in accordance with the external frequency. There have been such documented cases whereby a structure has been seen to change with the introduction of varied frequency. The density of glass and all physical matter is directly attributed to the rate at which their molecules move, higher frequency creates faster vibration and results in less density, lower frequency creates slower vibration and more density. This rate of excitement in water molecules determines its 3 states of solid, liquid and vapour (gas).  When water becomes hot enough the molecules move so much that the hydrogen bonds holding them together break and become gas.                                                             This is the mutation and transformation of water molecules. The effects of frequency and  changes in molecular structures  is evident in experimentations conducted by Dr Masaru Emoto. To understand what is occurring in these experiments we need to reiterate that in fact everything is energy at its source origin including words, thoughts, feelings and emotional states.                  The feelings of fear and happiness have an associated frequency respectively. The experiments conducted depict the power of thoughts and intent. Through the 1990’s, Dr. Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments observing the physical effect of words, prayers and music on the crystalline structure of water. Emoto used photographers to take pictures of water after being exposed to the different variables then subsequently frozen so that they would form crystalline structures. The more symmetrically beautiful crystals where found in water exposed to prayers from various religions with each religion providing for a unique pattern and geometric form, conversely the water which was neglected or purposefully exposed to intentions of hatred, disgust and ill will formed imperfect and often distorted images. The higher frequencies of compassion, gratefulness and wisdom can be visually represented in water since its molecular properties allows for changes to its structure.              The human body contains on average 60 percent water. Our thoughts, feelings and actions have a direct link to the molecular structure of the water in our bodies and the nature of our being. The discovery of properties in water has led to popular ritualistic trends. One such practice involves setting intentions using two cups, one of which is labelled with a desired outcome the other containing water which is then poured into the cup labelled with the particular goal. While there are very physical differences in water as evident by the experiments covered earlier, the interaction however involving ourselves and an outside element has typically been referred to as a "permission slip".         Humans need a tactile responsive event to trigger the right attitude and intention. Despite our ability to make the necessary shifts we tend to need this outside interactive experience which gives us "permission" to feel a certain way and trigger the impending positive changes. We can substitute the two cups of water for anything really when you realise it's not the cup or water responsible for effecting positive change, it's you. If you feel and truly believe you are protected wearing a necklace made of pasta spirals then you are protected just as much as you are wearing a cross for the feeling and frequency emitted by you the wearer is the same in both cases. We can acknowledge our own participation and power while accepting the human condition to place this power in a middle step or in conjunction with a physical practice ultimately bringing about the appropriate psychological configuration that will often set a course in motion for obtaining a desired outcome. It's a catalyst for change.             Looking further the brain is an amazing organ, say for instance you are daydreaming about an ideal career or relationship, you are starring out a window fantasizing about a positive scenario. Something while seemingly small and often taken for granted occurs which is in fact remarkable. What happens is a physical response to an outwardly absent scenario, meaning if you have ever cracked a smile during a period of positive thinking what you have done in essence is tricked the brain.                                                                   The neurological process that creates a positive experience and thus a physical response such as a smile is the exact same mechanical process regardless of whether this positive scenario is occurring in the outside world or entirely within your own thoughts. The brain cannot tell the difference between the two. We forget that reality is not made outwardly but rather what the outside world looks like to us individually is determined by a collection of thoughts, feelings, experiences and beliefs. Seeing is not believing rather 'believing is seeing.
The brain has various modalities and states of waves:
Beta (14-40Hz): This state is associated with waking consciousness. It is responsible for critical thinking, rationalization, calculation and logic, within this wave reside lower frequencies such as stress and fear.
Alpha (7.5-14Hz): Is associated within relaxation, calmness, the period immediately before sleep, light prayer or meditation, visualization and imagination.
Theta (4-7.5Hz):  This is a sleep state or deep meditation. It is the activity of the subconscious. You are in this state during the REM stage of sleep. In theta it is said that great sources of information and inspiration are processed and programmed, other experiences can be of a deep spiritual nature.

Delta (0.5-4Hz): This state is experienced in deep but dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness.
Gamma (40Hz):  Gamma Brain waves are the highest brain wave frequency known, experienced by many monks and nuns during meditation.  Neuroscientists believe that gamma waves are able to link information from all parts of the brain, people operating in gamma waves are said to be highly compassionate, intelligent and focused with increased sensory perception with rapid and vivid memory recall in 40Hz frequency.

Map of consciousness David R. Hawkins
Logarithmic Scale 0-1000
Level                   Energetic Frequency          state

enlightenment            700-1000             ineffable peace                               600                      bliss       joy                          540                      serenity love                        500                      reverence  reason                400              understanding acceptance                350                     forgiveness willingness                    310                        optimism neutrality                     250                        trust courage              200               affirmation pride                          175                      scorn                     anger                         150                      hate  desire                          125                      craving  fear                             100                           anxiety  grief                         75                      regret apathy                        50                      despair guilt                            30                      blame shame                        20              humiliation

The Act Of Observation

I am the observer of my thoughts, not the thoughts themselves. In what has been named "The beautiful experiment," physicist’s demonstrated using "the double split" experiment how the act of observation affects systems at a quantum level.                              The double slit experiment consists of an electron (particles of matter) passing through a metal plate with vertical slits. Behind this plate is another photographic plate, which captures the particles coming through the other side leaving their impression upon contact. As expected the particles pass through the slit creating a single vertical line on the second plate.                                When a wave passes through a single slit it too creates a single vertical line on the second plate. However when the wave passes through 2 slits they interfere with each other on the other side creating multiple vertical lines of varying intensities called an "interference pattern".                                      It is presumed that if you pass particles through 2 slits you will produce 2 vertical lines unlike an interference pattern found with a passing wave. However, physicist’s were astonished to find that particles passing through 2 vertical slits produce an interference pattern as if the particles passing through were coming into contact which each other on the other side before hitting the second plate. To avoid this, physicist’s passed the particles one at a time through 2 slits ensuring they do not interfere with each other thus creating an interference pattern, however yet again the result depicted an interference pattern.                                        It seemed a single particle leaves as a single electron splits into 2 electrons before passing through and ultimately creating an interference pattern or any number of possibilities was occurring. The particles were in a state of superposition, both one possibility and another.          At this point a measuring device was placed behind the first plate consisting of the 2 slits in order to peek at the quantum level the behaviour of the particle as it passed through, Strangely the particle behaved logically again by creating 2 vertical lines. The act of observation influenced the behaviour of the particles. When not observed the particles created an interference pattern but once observed they created 2 single lines.                       Is it possible that the electrons have an awareness of the recording device? Do they have a consciousness? The "observer effect" in physics is a phenomena whereby an instrument or device used to observe or measure a state in fact changes or alters the state of that which it is attempting to observe.
Schrödinger’s cat experiment and the act of observation
As per described on Wikipedia.
At its most basic, the thought experiment dreamt up by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935 goes like this:
A cat is penned up in a steel chamber, along with the following device (which must be secured against direct interference by the cat): in a Geiger counter, there is a tiny bit of radioactive substance, so small, that perhaps in the course of the hour one of the atoms decays, but also, with equal probability, perhaps none; if it happens, the counter tube discharges and through a relay..... releases a hammer that shatters a small flask of hydrocyanic acid. If one has left this entire system to itself for an hour, one would say that the cat still lives if meanwhile no atom has decayed. The first atomic decay would have poisoned it.                                     The psi-function of the entire system would express this by having in it the living and dead cat. Schrödinger's famous thought experiment poses the question, "when does a quantum system stop existing as a superposition of states and become one or the other?" (More technically, when does the actual quantum state stop being a linear combination of states, each of which resembles different classical states, and instead begin to have a unique classical description?) "
In other words the cat is both dead and alive until the act of observation occurs when the lid of the chamber is opened and one can see if indeed the cat is actually dead or alive. A quantum system stops being in a state of superposition until it is measured by an observer, until this act of observation occurs the cat remains in a state of superposition both dead and alive, a non linear state.

As is ever becoming more widely acceptable to the mainstream researches from the university of Virginia have concluded the brain to be a recipient of consciousness (or as has been described thus far as frequencies)  much in the same way a Television 's antenna is a recipient of information embedded in frequencies.                                            In the same way yet again thoughts can be explained as a state of frequencies vibrating within the subtle existence. When those frequencies travel by way of electromagnetism from the subtle to the conscious a moment of full mind objectivity arises.
The electromagnetic phenomenon within all things is the interplay between electric currents. Protons and electrons spit out photons, the oppositely charged particles absorb each other's light which draws the particles together.                                         This attractive force is known as electromagnetism. There is something which I have felt recently I have not been fortunate enough to have read it somewhere but I call these little feelings or impressions "intuitive understandings" so I will use the following as a place holder pending a more solidified interpretation.                      When a thought either positive or negative is conjured it will typically arises in conjunction with an imaginative image in the brain. This thought must arise and dissipate, there is a physical mechanism occurring which cause's energy to be created and dissipated with every thought while the neurological process involved in creating a thought form or imagery also requires energy.
You are constantly creating and dissipating energy. The energy which has been dissipated must go somewhere just as liquid turns to gas, the liquid doesn't simply disappear. This energy I propose dissipates throughout the etheric body making up the set of energy or frequency you embody individually and is thus understood to be directly attributed originally to your thoughts. While the dissipation of the original energy is stored within the non physical bodies, the generated thoughts themselves for example the "imagination" must be created in a certain space. Whatever you conjure is being created somewhere locally or non locally. You're constantly creating and dissipating such is your gift as a co-creator. Cyril Havecker describes in his book                                                               "Understanding Aboriginal Culture" the beliefs held by the Native Aborigines of Australia.

"In Aboriginal teachings, all life began in response to the psychokinetic power of images within the mind of the all-pervading super-intelligence and creator ~ Baiame. The universe was formed as a result of the definite image which radiated the energy to create.                                                        For a thought to be effective from a magical standpoint, it must be clear cut and strongly energised. The carrying power of a thought and the amount of work it can accomplish depends upon the energy associated with it. A thought which is associated with any emotion whatever has considerable ability to perform. It has considerable "horsepower" and is used to advantage by Shaman in all Magic work"

It is interesting also to note that primitive (and today within secrecy) practitioners of sacrificial ceremonies will instil fear within the victim as the energy of fear emitted by the victim is said to be especially potent at the time of death.
It would seem this creation of a reality upon thinking a thought must exist as stated previously within local or non locality. Importantly one must note I am not referring necessarily to manifestation of events and desires within the physical plane as is yet a separate school of thought and practice made popular within the idea's proposed in the book "the secret" by Rhonda Byrne.                                      Rather I am reminded more so of the Late Dolores Cannon who pioneered new concepts within metaphysics and spirituality throughout her work spanning almost 50 years. She describes an infinite amount of dimensions. These Dimensions associated with us individually are a result of splitting and fracturing of timelines instigated by one's thought.                                                          Say for example you are deciding whether or not to move location, you are at a critical junction in decision making and may move forward in the direction of moving location or simply remaining, if in the event you decide to remain but have given considerable thought and contemplation to moving leading up to the decision via imagery or prolonged day dreaming it is said then that indeed within another timeline you have moved.                             This version of you is also equipped and fully realised within another dimension to make his or hers own timeline splitting decisions. We can see now the magnitude of such concepts and such ideas as "superposition" most notably referred to in the thought experiment which we touched on earlier. Whether you wish to subscribe to the literal interpretation of the Native people of Australia or similarly the concepts within spirituality and metaphysics and other ancient beliefs it would appear nevertheless that thoughts are not merely an inconsequential phenomena.                                So be mindful of them and remember whenever you act out the virtuous thoughts of compassion, wisdom, love and humility you pay homage by replicating the divine creator as a divine co-creator yourself.

The Chakra's

Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel”. The chakras are energy centres located in our etheric bodies meaning the non-physical counterpart to our physical bodies. There are seven main chakras along the spine extending from the front to back of the body. Each chakra has an associated energy and quality ranging from the base identity level of one’s self to the spiritual and higher level of self with the aim of unifying each aspect in total mastery or self mastery.                                                    The chakras act as conduits for the flow of life force energy (prana) to our material bodies. The chakras have an associated part of the body to which it provides energy to sustain its life. The energy within the chakra's vibrate at varied frequencies depending on their function and from person to person. The lower chakras are said to vibrate at lower frequencies as per association with fundamental and basic needs while the chakras located in the upper parts of the etheric body are said to vibrate at higher frequencies in accordance with higher spiritual aspects of the self.                            The ease at which the energies flow through this system determines the overall health and well being of each organ and the overall health of the material self. Meditation seeks to balance and purify these energies while with a calmer disposition we are more capable and aware of how our emotions, behaviour and life choices impact the balancing of life force thus allowing us to be more conscious of the state of our physical, mental and spiritual self.                                                         When the lower energy frequencies are raised and in alignment with the upper frequencies we create the harmonizing of the psychical and spiritual self. Interestingly the colours associated with each chakra are also the colours that make up visible light. The root chakra located at the base of the spine is red in colour and is associated with adrenals at the top of each kidney.                         The Sacral chakra is located below the naval, is orange in colour and associated with the sex organs, bladder, prostate and womb. The solar plexus chakra is located just above the naval, is yellow in colour and associated with the pancreas. The heart chakra is located at the centre of the chest, is typically green in colour and is associated with the thymus gland. The throat chakra located just below the Adams apple is blue in colour and is associated with the thyroid gland.                     The third eye chakra located at the forehead is indigo in colour and is associated with the pituitary gland. The crown chakra is located slightly above the head is violet in colour and is associated with the pineal gland. Energy healers seek to balance, unblock and direct the flow of energy which if left untreated will almost always manifest from the energetic and etheric over into the associated organ resulting in the ailment experienced in the physical self.                   Understanding the chakras and the corresponding glands allows the conduit healer to direct energy to areas of the body in order to heal various ailments whose origins are often directly linked to the unbalance or blockage of energy. Jesus performed such healings as depicted in literature throughout history:
·                  Jesus was said to use his hands to heal the sick, the blind and even resurrect the dead.
·                  Jesus Heals Peter's Mother-in-Law Sick With Fever - Mathew 8:14-15.
·                  Jesus Heals Many Sick and Oppressed at Evening Mark - 1:32-34.
·                  Jesus Heals a Man With Leprosy - Mark 1:40-45.
·                  Jesus Heals the Paralysed - Luke 7:1-10.
·                  Jesus Raises a Widow's Son From the Dead - Luke 7:11-17.

Reiki attunement is the process of initiation whereby a master will attune a student with the ability to practice healing. Similarly the testimonies found in Luke 9:1-2 read that Jesus gave to his disciples the ability to cast out daemons. Further, when performing a Reiki healing the person receiving the healing is not required to have faith in the healing itself as in Mark 6:5-6 Jesus was said to be amazed at the lack of belief from those who he healed when he lay his hands on the sick.                 After the second century when Christianity became organized by the newly established church and with the removal of the Gnostics the use and the laying of the hands was outlawed. When we understand energy and the human body we can more easily comprehend the various healing techniques of the east and throughout the world including qigong, Reiki, sound and colour therapy and other holistic methods such as acupuncture, acupressure and crystal healing.

Root Chakra

RED- Between anus and genitals

Critical Aspects: survival, physical needs. Glandular connection: Adrenals at the top of each kidney, Produce hormones.

Associated Body Parts: Bones, Skeletal structure

Astrological Assoc: Capricorn

Associated Sense: Smell

Fragrances/Incense/Oils: Cedar wood, Myrrh, Patchouli.

Crystals: Hematite, Tigers eye, Bloodstone, smoky quartz, agate.

Physical Dysfunctions: Osteoarthritis

Emotional Dysfunction: Mental lethargy, "spaciness", incapable of inner stillness.

Developmental Age/Life Lesson: 1-8 years, standing up for one's self.


·                  My body is important to me. I nurture it constantly.
·                  I take responsibility for my life. I can cope         with any situation.
·                  I recognise the abundance of love, trust and     care surrounding me.
·                  I deserve the best that life has to offer. My       needs are always met.
·                  I know the security of being grounded in the     moment.

Sacral Chakra

ORANGE - Between naval and genitals

Main Issue: Emotional balance, sexuality. Glandular connection: Ovaries, testes.

Associated Body Parts: Sex organs, bladder, prostate, womb

Astrological Association: Cancer, Scorpio

Associated Sense: Taste

Fragrances/Incense/Oils: Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood.

Crystals: Citrine, Carnelian, Golden topaz, Rutilated quartz, Moonstone.

Physical Dysfunctions: Impotence, frigidity, bladder, prostate problems and lower back pain.

Emotional Dysfunctions: Unbalanced sex drive, emotional instability, feelings of isolation.

Developmental Age/Life Lesson: 8-14 years, Challenging motivations based on social conditioning.


·                  I am totally happy and fulfilled. Life offers me    everything I need.
·                  I am worthy of love and sexual pleasure.
·                  I have the right to express my desires to          myself and to others.
·                  Who I am is good enough.
·                  Life is unfolding as it should.
·                  I honour my body.

Solar Plexus

YELLOW - Between the naval and base of sternum.

Main Issue: Personal power, self will.

Glandular Connection: Pancreas

Associated Body Parts: Digestive system, muscles.

Astrological Association: Aries, Leo

Associated Sense: Sight

Fragrances/Incense/Oils: Vetivert, ylang-ylang, bergamot.

Crystals: Aventurine, Sunstone, Yellow citrine, calcite, malachite.

Physical Dysfunctions: Stomach ulcers, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, allergies, diabetes.

Emotional Dysfunctions: Oversensitive to criticism, need to be in control, low self esteem.

Developmental Age/Life lesson: 14-21 years, Self-esteem/self confidence.

·                  I accept and value myself exactly as I am.
·                  I know I am becoming the best person I can     be.
·                  I treat myself with honour and respect.
·                  My personal power gets stronger every day.
·                  I am my own person, I choose how to think      and behave.
·                  I am open to receiving all of the good things     in life.


GREEN/PINK - Centre of chest.

Main Issue: Love and relationships.

Glandular Connection: Thymus

Associated Body Parts: Heart, Chest, Lungs, Circulation.

Astrological Association Libra, Taurus.

Associated Sense: Touch
Fragrances/Incense/Oils: Rose, Bergamot, Melissa
Crystals: Watermelon Tourmaline, Rose quartz, Emerald, Green calcite, Aventurine, Green jade

Physical Dysfunctions: Shallow breathing, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer.

Emotional Dysfunctions: Fears about betrayal, co-dependency, melancholia.

Developmental Age/Life Lesson: 21-28 years, forgiveness and compassion.


·                  All hearts are open to receive my love.
·                  I accept that pain is an essential part of my      growth and development.
·                  I love myself for who I am and the potential      within me.
·                  I release all past hurts into the hands of love.
·                  I am grateful for all the love that is in my life.


BLUE - Centrally at base of neck.

Main Issue: Communication, Self expression.
Glandular Connection: Thyroid, Parathyroid.
Associated Body Parts: Mouth, throat, ears.

Astrological Association: Gemini, Virgo.

Associated Sense: Sound, hearing.

Fragrances/Incense/Oils: Chamomile, Myrrh.

Crystals: Lapis lazuli, Turquoise, Aquamarine, sodalite, celestite.

Physical Dysfunctions: Sore throats, neck ache, thyroid problems, tinnitus, asthma.

Emotional Dysfunctions: Perfectionism, inability to express emotions, blocked creativity.

Developmental Age/Life Lesson: 28-35 years, personal expression.


·                  I speak up for myself.
·                  What I have to say is worth being listened to.
·                  I listen to and acknowledge the needs and        wants of others.
·                  I always speak from the heart.
Third Eye

INDIGO - Above and between the eyebrows.

Main Issue: Intuition, wisdom.

Glandular Connection: Pituitary

Associated Body Parts: Eyes, base of skull.

Astrological Association: Sagittarius, Pisces.

Associated Sense: 6th Sense.

Fragrances/Incense/Oils: Hyacinth, violet, rose geranium.

Crystals: Amethyst, fluorite, azurite, calcite.

Physical Dysfunctions: Headaches, poor vision, neurological disturbances, glaucoma.

Emotional Dysfunctions: Nightmares, learning difficulties, hallucinations.

Developmental Age/Life Lesson: N/A, Emotional intelligence


·                  I recognise the need for silence and stillness    in my life.
·                  The answer to all my questions lie within me.
·                  I trust my inner self to guide and protect me.
·                  I trust my feelings.
·                  I choose to accept myself and others exactly    as we are.


VIOLET/GOLD/WHITE - Top of head.

Main Issue: Spirituality

Glandular Connection: Pineal

Associated Body Parts: Upper skull, cerebral cortex, skin.

Associated Astrological: Aquarius.

Associated Sense: Beyond self.

Fragrances/Incense/Oils: Lavender, Frankincense, Rosewood.

Crystals: Amethyst, clear quartz, diamond, herkimer diamond.

Physical Dysfunctions: Sensitive to pollutions, chronic exhaustion, epilepsy, Alzheimer's.

Emotional Dysfunctions: Depression, obsessive thinking, confusion.

Developmental Age/Life Lesson: N/A, Selflessness.


·                  I am a unique, radiant, loving being.
·                  I choose to live my life from a place of love       and contentment.
·                  I choose to transform my life from a place of    love and content

Constructed by: Debra Anne Castle, Creative Spirit Centre

Reincarnation And Past Life Regression

Max Planck won the noble prize for his discovery of energy quanta, his contributions to quantum science has earned him the title  “father of quantum theory”. He said
I regard consciousness as fundamental, I regard matter as derivative from consciousness, we cannot get behind consciousness, everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”
Taking these sentiments into consideration we can deduce that the brain does not create consciousness therefore consciousness survives after the brain and body die. In his book “The Power Within”, Alexander Cannon wrote:
For years the theory of reincarnation was a nightmare to me and I did my best to disprove it and even argued with my trance subjects to the effect that they were talking nonsense, and yet as the years went by one subject after another told me the same story in spite of different and varied conscious beliefs in effect until now, well over a thousand cases have been so investigated, and I have to admit that there is such a thing as reincarnation.
Knowledge of reincarnation was widespread in early Christianity in the first few centuries. The exclusion of these teachings in modern religion began in the 6th century during the times of the Eastern Roman Empire when Justinian the 1st imposed to the people that the church of this period could not come into conflict and contradiction with his rule. He thus imposed his law of orthodox faith beginning with the removal of reincarnation teachings in Constantinople in the year 543.               Buddhist teachings state that souls do not always reincarnate back into the Earth plane or even in human form, in fact reasons for reincarnation while typically to fulfil a lesson or task incomplete from the preceding incarnation can be for purposes of assistance to other souls, to observe or to simply enjoy the psychical existence. Each new existence over the multitudes of life times refines and ages the soul until it graduates from the karmic wheel of life and death fulfilling at this point all past debts, tasks and lessons.  When these are resolved the soul can move forward beyond the third dimensional plane of existence or return upon free will in accordance with the divine and in the interest of the highest good.                        There have been countless cases of children and adults recounting memories or past lives with incredible detail and accuracy. In some cases children have shared memories of having lived the life of their deceased grandparent or stranger still born with birth markings or imperfections in areas which directly correspond to injuries experienced by a past family member. Other such cases involve an irrational fear of water seemingly originating from incidents involving a person who died from drowning.                                 Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918 -2007), a psychologist and researcher of reincarnation in cases of children authored a book titled “Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation”  Describing the case of the Pollock twins who were born after their sisters Joanna 11 and Jacqueline 6 died tragically the year prior in a motor accident. Each sister shared the location of birth markings to both Joanne and Jacqueline while also at the ages of 2-3 began asking for the whereabouts of toys belonging to Joanne and Jacqueline. Both sisters recognized landmarks and geographical locations having never previously visited them.  The most extraordinary of all however was their fear of moving cars as was expressed once in a panicked state: “The car is coming to get us!”. Dr. Ian Stevenson catalogued thousands of similar cases in both adults and children across a period of 40 years.                                                                       the idea that I could not be hypnotized was a sentiment Iv held and not because I don't find validity or credibility in the practice of hypnotherapy but rather being an air sign I'm somewhat of an "air head" and to that end not all is quite on the western front, for internal dialogue runs through my ever busy mind, whether contemplating the future, thinking of events in the past or a catchy tune it's safe to say the cog wheels are ticking and turning throughout the day.                                                          For this reason I never believed I would be an appropriate recipient to direction and suggestion while in a therapy session, mostly due to the reasons above but admittedly in small part to being somewhat head strong and finding satisfaction in the notion of my non susceptibility to outside influences as a result of an impenetrable and self controlled mind. Put simply if you don't think it's going to work it won't. That being the case I was curious if not doubtful of the effectiveness of a pre-recorded past life regression session conducted by Brian Weiss. Nevertheless I relaxed myself with an open mind and tuned into the mood. It began typically with the setting up of correct conditions within the body and mind, a formality which will be familiar to anyone who practices meditation.            Followed by various techniques designed to deepen your already relaxed state, this involves the standard counting down of numbers with the therapist suggesting and reminding you at intervals of your ever deepening condition. Once the stage is set, so to speak, you are directed to cast your mind back to a memory, in this case it was suggested to go back during a time of childhood, the details and precise moment of which is entirely up to you as is the positive or negative emotion associated with this memory.                                                                   In my particular case I was brought back to a time during my 3rd year in primary school. It must be said at this point for purposes of reporting that casting your mind backwards in time while under this state of deep relaxation is extremely effective in producing visual recollection, the details are more pronounced while sounds if you can imagine are clearer within the mind.                                              For instance I could describe the voice of a friend within this memory as being smooth, deep and charming while the visual description of said friend along with the surrounds can also be recounted in great detail. This wouldn't be a past life regression session however if I was limited to my childhood thus it became apparent to me that the therapist was directing his subject at different events moving backwards in time including the moment of birth, the state of being a foetus and further to a time of another existence all together. Perhaps the most queried of all self reflections when it comes to meditation or hypnosis is the question of validity surrounding imagination, visualization vs. witnessing or as is more easily understood in the form of the question.
Did I just imagine that or was that real?.

Firstly it can be difficult to distinguish between actively creating a scene as oppose to witnessing a scene. With practice the two will become more recognizable but I will briefly describe some key indicators that will assist in indentifying the two scenarios. Most importantly you have to be able to identify the origin of either the actively created scene or the witnessing of an organic and authentically emerged scene.                                The mind likes to think, it likes to create, ponder and reflect, it likes to be present and actively involved, the mind is like an excited child waving at you and beckoning you for attention while performing magic tricks in order to garner your focus. The mind needs to go through mechanical process's in order to think and come to conclusions. Before a final result is obtained the mind needs to pass through steps as it makes its way into the final manifestation of an opinion or for instance the result of a decision. The subconscious on the other hand doesn't think.                                                   Unlike the mind the subconscious doesn't go through a series of cognitive process's in order to draw a conclusion, in fact it doesn't come to conclusions, it doesn't "think" it simply knows. In order to access this source of knowingness the mind must adopt the position of a faithful servant rather than the leader. We can bare witness to the phenomena of the dissipating mind and the emergence of the subconscious during the small phase at which relaxation gives way to dream.               This is more than an analogy when compared to the processe's during hypnotherapy. Within the period immediately before dreaming you begin to witness scenes, people and even sounds or whispers. It must be understood that similarly to  the non requiring of thought that is needed to beat your heart so too is there any conscious thinking associated with witnessing such sights and sounds immediately before and during dream.                  Within this gap you are neither completely unconscious nor fully awake. I propose this in-between state is such a state that allows for the patient to partake verbally while under a regression while at the same time being a witness to events rather than thinking them into creation. Getting to such a balance requires the use of techniques that will not remove the presence of the mind instead will carefully subduing it and absolve it from  leader type responsibilities.                                           In order to facilitate this we must satisfy the minds eagerness to remain active and present while not being a hindrance to the process. Think of an overactive child who wants to help in an adult activity and so who is given a trivial and inconsequential task that will satisfy and give the impression of important participation while at the same time not sabotaging the task.                               The single most effective technique to accomplish this balance is numerical counting. Counting particularly when only digits are envisioned can be extremely mundane even boring while under a state of extreme relaxation. It is important that no other stimulation or requirement is given to the mind, the mind should not multitask by envisioning the counting of sheep or envisioning other inclusions that will stimulate and require the need for more activity within the mind.                     Such stimulus will instigate the need for the sheep to have a colour a size or to be within a particular backdrop. The objective is to have the mind present enough to provide verbal feedback but not so present that it will intrude upon organic and authentic emergence, The mind simply cannot hold attention and as a result will drift off most often before the count has even concluded. We can think of this yet again as the child who fell asleep performing the trivial task set out by the adult. Having attempted to strike this balance however I identified upon awakening that the mind was placing colours or changing minor detail within an overall authentic scene.                                             I understood this to be the case when I observed myself thinking a colour into existence as I painted a person's clothes, further the colour had changed via thinking and imagination so this I identified as the creation of the mind since the overarching themes were not "thought" into existence but were simply "there" and revealed with the subduing of the active mind, not unlike dissipating fog revealing a road ahead.             There is yet another observation I made which may very well indicate the levels of depth. I found the memories of childhood while in initial stages of advancement to be in a first person perspective this was the case for birth and while in foetus, however after immediately regressing to a past life the perspective changed to one of witnessing myself in the third person interacting with others. The reliability of these first and third person perspectives as indicators should not be used as gospel however as you will come to find that in my particular case a multiple changing of perspectives. Further differences between the mind and the subconscious is the inclusion of emotions, impressions and feelings which intensified with every deepening phase.                                 During childhood for instance I recalled faces and surprisingly names which I absolutely did not expect to pop up as if this source of knowledge was always present despite the events having occurred more than 25 years prior. While these details were an interesting and surprising inclusion they did not induce strong emotions instead a source for feelings of nostalgia comparable to the feeling of nostalgia that can be experienced in waking state. while in foetus on the other hand came the strange impression that the soul who chose to incarnate was entirely intact within this premature reptilian like creature residing in womb, as if the remembrance of existing outside the earth and the purpose or mission for incarnation was mindfully present in this early developmental cycle.                     There was a profound wisdom and knowing that a highly spiritual presence was occupying a fragile early body. I do wonder now if all memory of contractual obligations and the existence of a life outside of flesh is lost immediately upon taking life's first breath. Moving on I was led to step into what would be a scene from a prior life. Without acknowledging or consciously creating this point of perception I moved to a third person perspective as I observed myself standing in a forest with a lake and mountainous backdrop.                               Standing barefoot next to an individual slightly taller than myself we were both intently looking into a book which seemed important enough to have this individual point with his finger towards various parts within the pages. My immediate analogy upon waking was that of a coach briefing his player of important tactics before sending the player onto the field although in comparison to the intensity of competitive sports my instruction was deliberately more controlled and calm. After this scene I found myself in what appeared to be a church however without the conventional decor, it appeared as a basic square room with no more than 8 rows of seating on each side of the isle.                                                   I sat watching someone talk or preach although the nature of the subject was not revealed. I would place the period to be mid to late 1800's. This followed by a final scene which I observed to be myself on a death bed, I was white bearded, frail and accompanied by who I felt at the time were acquaintances with similar beliefs and philosophies to myself which I held in that life. Finally within the most advance stages of regression a moment that would bring about the strongest levels of emotion and strangely while in first person again I observed while floating above my deceased body a man who stepped from out of a light source and greeted me with the warmest reassurance stating in so many words "it's ok, you did alright".                                       I cannot know for sure if this individual was the same individual who motioned towards the words in the book as these two scenes were experienced at different levels of depth and its possible the mind was present enough to obstruct or alter the appearance of the individual who stood next to me while in the forest.                                         The man who came forward however after my death was very much realized in appearance and who's words were actualized enough that they brought tears of relief to my physical self. He was grand, dignified, majestic in appearance and personality while stepping out of a bright glowing light source and floating within the same room as myself sporting a large white beard and combed white hair with thick white eyebrows to match his white robe.                                                             Having experienced for myself the therapy known as past life regression and at the same time believing that I was at a disadvantage in feeling I was not susceptible to the procedure, my conclusion is that this form of therapy is indeed a credible one.

In reflection I have concluded and drawn comparisons between hypnotherapy and the deep meditative states I occasionally find myself in when conditions are optimal.                                                   such conditions often require the maintaining of no expectation as was the case when during a period of deep meditation I experienced a very tactile sensation of spinning, as if I was a spiralling vortex whirling around like a washing machine until it became so intense I was brought back to full mind consciousness.                 Most similar however in process and outcome was a subsequent episode of deep meditation which I look at now in retrospect as an event of self hypnosis, whereby reaching a point of deep relaxation not by way of numerical counting but rather observing the breath for a prolonged period until such time that organic emergence revealed itself replacing conscious thought.             On this occasion I observed myself floating within my room until I was transported instantaneously to another place. Within this place I observed my surroundings in a first person perspective, my surroundings included an open expansive field with several people sitting and meditating quietly on a grassy plane immediately in front of a tall but narrow building which wasn't wide as much as it was long in depth, as though it only housed a very long hallway. After only 2-3 steps I was before a grand entrance as tall as the building was high, I did not recall a door instead an opening which seemed to evoke the impression that all comers were welcome to enter.                                  I entered and observed 4-5 individuals one of which motioned in a "this way please" gesture towards a podium similar to that of a church podium but less extravagant and more built for purpose, perhaps like a simple music sheet stand with a document holder, though instead made of marble. Upon walking towards this stand I observed a book containing within it the different stages of my evolution.                                                                  While I did not see the exact imprints with the exception of the last page the impression and analogy which was evoked either in that moment or upon waking was the popular depiction of the evolving human who crawls in ape form until eventually walking bipedal.                                   I want to stress that in no way was this a literal depiction of my transition or a suggestion that I observed standard evolutionary themes but in fact as is the case when deciphering spiritual messages the alchemical transmutation and mastery of myself came in the form of symbology that I could easily decode in analogy form. While the notion of divine beings appearing in dreams, regression or within the presence of those said to be in desperately and hopelessly difficult circumstances is not uncommon  as is found to be the case throughout religious literature or simply beliefs not associated with a formal religion. It is the depiction of these spiritual beings as described in Australian Aboriginal mythology I find to be rather sophisticated in its nature, Incorporating much of the themes explored in great similarity if not literal use of the scientific and metaphysical processes already covered. One does wonder though how one of the oldest civilisations in the world obtained their knowledge of such understandings if not directly from spirit throughout trance, dreaming or simply existing in a time where access to ancient wisdoms were more accessible in comparison to today.                            Take for instance a passage describing the processes of such an encounter in the book "Understanding Aboriginal Culture" by Cyril Havecker,  Ancestral beings according to Aboriginal Belief have the ability to adjust their vibratory rate in order to align themselves with a realm compatible to the vibratory rate of the inhabitant they seek to assist thus coming into the visibility spectrum native to that of the intended recipient.                                     To put it in more plain words the Ancestral being momentarily makes itself available to the extent that the brain and frequency decoding system of the inhabitant can translate this being into visibility, appearing within the context of the physical world. It is however a matter of debate as to whether more than one inhabitant can perceive the presence of said being as it has been hypothesized in recounted events that only the intended recipient of divine assistance has the capability to observe the event.                                   One can deduce that is such a circumstance the guide or spiritual being has adjusted their vibratory rate to such a degree that it specifically targets the vibratory rate of the intended recipient. If this sounds farfetched then I direct you to a commercially available product developed by Australian engineers titled the "Nuraphones". The Headphones are Built with technology that attunes itself specifically to the wearer as expressed in the words of Co founder Kyle Slater in his interview with author Elizabeth Stinson.
"it's the cochlea's job to translate vibrations into electrical signals the brain can read. A by-product of this process, a faint vibration called the otoacoustic emission, echoes back outward through the ear where it can be recorded and analysed. “It’s an incredible feedback mechanism"
The sounds as a result of calibration is thus uniquely appropriate to the individual, so unique is the configuration that the sounds said to be pleasant to one wearer is in fact odd, distorted and overall not pleasurable to another person who was yet to calibrate the headphones to match their unique profile.
While this example depicts the varying degrees of waveform heard from person to person we understand nonetheless that all human receptive senses operate within this same frequency decoding method.

DNA And The Schumann Resonance

What is DNA? DNA stores genetic code, DNA is the blueprint, recipe or manual for a living organism. It is hypothesized more recently that DNA also stores memories. It stores the genetic code for plants, humans and animals, information is stored in DNA using four different chemicals. Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine and Guanine. DNA quite literally instructs amino acids to their formation. Amino acids are tiny little chemicals, which come together under instruction stored in DNA.                                  Their number of formations are endless, when put together in their various shapes they become larger particles known as proteins. From this state proteins combine to make living cells, the cells make tissue, the tissue makes organs and organs fit into various parts of the body to fulfil their life supporting duties. The DNA spiral is structured in two separate parts, each side containing the four chemicals A, T, C and G. The opposing side also contains a code sequence, when both sides interlock they make a complete model. DNA folds itself into paired parts called chromosomes.                  Various species have different number of chromosomes, the modern human has 46 chromosomes. We have seen the metamorphoses and evolution in the human determined by the amount of chromosomes. It is theorized by the late Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst -Carl Gustav Jung- that there are three stages of human.                The first stage are the primitive man such as the Australian Aboriginal who with 44 chromosomes is said to perceive a non duality, as nothing outside of their being, they perceive one consciousness, one collective and no difference between each living thing, that there is only various expressions of a whole. What happens to one happens to a whole. This notion relates to and has similarities to the entanglement theory and the energetic connection of all matter. If you take two subatomic particles such as electrons,                                                      in many cases when you manipulate one the effects are also seen in the other no matter how far apart they are. Matter is connected energetically even while separated by time and distance. If we go back far enough all matter was once compressed into a particle the size of a pea before exploding like a net into the ever-expanding universe, while the universe is still expanding we are still connected energetically. The 46th chromosome human is said to be disharmonic, perceives duality, separation and individualism. In certain spiritual teachings the lower frequencies of fear, guilt, disgust, hatred and our “chord” attachments to them inhibit the progression into a higher state of being. Cutting these “chords” and rising to a higher state of existence makes way for the natural progression and evolution of the chromosome.                              As suggested by Bob Frissels author of “Nothing in This Book is True But It’s Exactly How Things Are
planet Earth is covered in a geometric construct called the grid or “morpho-genetic grid”, these grids extend 60 feet below the Earth’s surface and 60 miles above the Earth. Each species has their own grid and connection to the consciousness of their own species; before a species can incarnate or make an evolutionary step forward a new grid must be complete".
It is said that in 1989 the Christ consciousness grid was complete. While In an interview with Julia Griffin, Ronald L.Holt director of the organisation the flower of life describes the grid in more detail.
The Christ consciousness grid allows for the attainment of Christ consciousness through elevation of frequency both as individuals and as a collective whole within that grid.   “So the Christ Consciousness Grid is the planet's version of this umbrella analogy: a fully opened fabric of Creation that keeps us connected to our origins and stimulates us to evolve forward into reunification. Consciousness Grids hold the memory of cosmic interconnectedness, thus stimulating self-actualization for those who attune to them.                    The Christ Grid stimulates us to evolve into conscious awareness with our open heart and with high levels of impeccability and integrity. The Christ Grid also helps us integrate and harmonize a true group unity. The Christ Grid is a unified collective consciousness. This means that we are also preparing our internal templates to integrate and harmonize all of the lifetimes we spent within each culture on this planet, setting the stage to help us feel the oneness of all cultures simultaneously, without bias or prejudice.”
However the idea of the "grid" is not new, it was spoken of by Plato in his Timaeus monologue where he explains the grid which covered planet Earth consisting of 5 platonic shapes. These shapes are considered holy by many cultures often being referred to today as sacred geometry.
Plato stated that the Earth was in its own evolutionary process transitioning from simple geometry to more complex forms.         The Timaeus monologue claims that particles of each element had a special geometric shape: tetrahedron (fire), octahedron (air), icosahedrons (water), and the cube (Earth).  Whether the Christ Grid is a symbolic representation of the Schumann Resonance or a separate yet interconnected phenomena it would appear in any case that Ronald Halt was suggesting the existence of a link between the development of the grid in proportion to the advancement of DNA.                                      Studies indicate that only 2% of the human genome is assigned to the building blocks of life while the 98% is often referred to as "junk" DNA, a term who's translation suggests an admittance that we actually know next to nothing in relation to its purpose.                                                            With some educated speculation however and connecting of dots we may come to some reasonable revelations and enlighten this subject matter typically shrouded in darkness and mystery. In doing so we not only better understand the functionality of supposed Junk DNA but simultaneously dispel some of the fear based conclusions surrounding extra sensory perception for the sentiment that we fear the things which we do not understand is no more applicable in cases involving perhaps the most definitive of all enquiries, that is the enquiry of the self.        DNA is not in a calcified solidified state it changes over time and dependent upon the multitude of variables and experiences of life. It is a receptive part of the body it stores information and changes as we evolve, specifically the molecular changes in DNA are brought about via vibration. Take for instance practitioners of the Om chant, to what end does this meditative practice serve?.                     When you OM chant beginning down within your diaphragm the deep, low, trembling bass vibration of your vocals does the following: it induces, tickles, teases, trembles and actives the molecules throughout your body. The humming frequency of the low bass vibrates these molecules, you don't need to direct them or tell them where do go or how to move.                                                 They know using your DNA blueprint, your recipe and via intelligent design how to reform, reshape, reorganize themselves into geometry, in alignment with your transfiguration, your personal manual.  If you decide to meditate on the OM chant, visualize the cells within, use your creative gifts to create and imagine this process.           While the practice encourages the molecular modifications undoubtedly through repetition and years of discipline and determination I suggest though that the more organic and intended method should be by way of love, compassion, kindness with an emphasis on consciously   understanding that these virtues should be acted upon for goodness sake and not as an attempt to accomplish activation of supposed junk DNA.                    Thus now we have arrived at the link between Junk DNA and extra sensory perception. Those who are said to be genuinely psychic and not pretenders have a more utilized and developed DNA, a more realised and refined DNA and less of the "junk" if you will. The natural development of senses beyond the physical 5 senses known as extra sensory perception is not to be feared or confused humorously as the devils work due to lack of understanding and perpetual fear, based not only on a misunderstanding but a complete lack of insight in conjunction with the possibility of deliberate manipulation designed to advance malevolent agenda's.                                   Frequency and vibration changes the geometrical properties of matter. While psychic ability can be developed through intentional practices designed to focus on such an attainment it is unwise to perceive such an endeavour to be the end goal. One does not attempt to become psychic instead psychic phenomena as it relates to changes within DNA is more accurately described as a side effect of living a life of frequency raising, molecular changing virtues that carry within them high vibratory states. Further one should not act out good deeds in an attempt to attain abilities as this would be counterproductive to the purpose of acting with purity for decency sake and without self fulfilling returns. I have little doubt Jesus was a psychic with abilities either developed in his last life or coming into fruition upon his birth carried over the course of multiple lives as his soul attained mastery from each life experience.                Jesus as we know him to be is in fact a final culmination, a final developmental stage and the epitome of the human, an example by which we can all strive to replicate, a promise and hope that we all arrive to possess exemplary characteristics while maintaining our own unique spark of the divine. This cannot be achieved within a single lifetime for we may sympathise even aid a starving child who's life is to be fulfilled in a third world country far removed from our own reality but to truly see the world from the perspective of true starvation and poverty we must and indeed we will experience it for ourselves as with all perspectives across multiple lives or thousands of lives if need be in order to acquire full mastery of the human condition until such time that we move ever forward towards union.

The Schumann Resonance In Relation To The Human Consciousness

According to statistics lightning will strike the earth's surface approximately 100 times a second, these electrical storms produce electromagnetic waves. Discovered by Winfried Otto Schumann the Schumann Resonance is the phenomena of waves resonating within the cavity of the earth's surface and ionosphere.                                           While being contained within the earth's resonance studies have unearthed a direct correlation between the brain and the earth's magnetic field. The rhythms and pulse of the  brain are in fact in tune with the activity within this cavity above the earth's surface, in short we are synchronized with the Schumann resonance.              This resonance stood at a frequency of 7.83hz (alpha/Theta brain wave state) until a spike of 8.5hz was detected in 2014 by Russian space observations. Daily spectrograms published online which are available for viewing will show fluctuations of between 1 and 50hz.
The Lincoln university of New Zealand published a paper under the heading

"the brain, an electromagnetic system synchronised by the Schumann resonance signal"
who cited the following with respect to the Schumann Resonance and its link to the human Brain

"The Stable synchronizing of the brains electromagnetic system has led to thinking, emotion, memory and intelligence. In order to carry out these functions the brain has developed electromagnetic transmitters and receivers in the neurons. The receivers include a phase locked loop system, Ahissar et al. (1997).                                        These phase locked loop system is used in radio receivers. In the human brain it provides an fm radio receiver that non-linearly resonantly interacts with the Schumann resonance signal".

Considering this it is no wonder that being in nature is said to have beneficial effects on one's health and in particular with respect to brainwaves exposure to nature can facilitate in  returning brain function to a meditative, healing state a theta rhythm of 7.83hz in line with the natural rhythm of the earth. Conversely the opposite effect may be felt on a subconscious level with prolonged exposure to the multitude of waves within our immediate environment produced by wifi and other emitters.

Interestingly space shuttles are equipped with a device appropriately named the "Schumann simulator" designed to combat the deterioration of an astronauts health while outside the earth's ionosphere far removed from their native frequency. So the changes and recent rise in the Schumann resonance is said to have a collective change in the human consciousness moving us from theta to the advanced gamma often associated with experienced mediators and a heightened sense of perception. The unity of conscious perception.
We are moving into what the ancients have described as "the great awakening" and in fact we can measure on a practical level such changes within the human condition using Electroencephalography.          According to Wikipedia Electroencephalography uses electrical leads placed over the scalp to measure the collective electrical activity of the cerebral cortex.                  Specifically EEG measures the electric fields of large groups of neurons. EEG has the benefit of excellent temporal resolution and is able to measure aggregate activity of either portions or the entire cortex down to the millisecond scale. Unlike other imaging based methods EEG does not have good spatial resolution and is more appropriately used to evaluate the running spontaneous activity of the cortex.

This spontaneous activity is classified into four main classifications based on the frequency of the activity, ranging from low frequency delta waves (< 4 Hz) commonly found during sleep to beta waves (13–30 Hz) associated with an awake and alert brain. In between these two extremes are theta waves (4–8 Hz) and alpha waves (8–12 Hz).              The Schumann resonance is not merely a source for passive recipients to "upgrade" if you will, but rather active participants should interplay indeed rhythmically with the natural rising of the earth's frequency by lifting their own frequency through acts of kindness, love and compassion.


We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively ~ Bill Hicks, We exist on all planes and dimensions simultaneously, our experience on the Earth plane is the awareness or observer's compatibility and capability to access and decode frequencies affiliated with the earth's bandwidth and electromagnetic spectrum.                                 Our experience of the human form is a direct correlation to the embodiment of frequencies limited and purposefully appropriate to that of the 3D plane. Say for instance a film projector is cycling through a film strip, each frame of the strip is focused on one at a time, however while one frame is being screened the other frames exist despite not being experienced or not being captured by the projector as it waits for other frames to be captured or focused on.                                         There is no locality nor distance, frequencies occupy the same space and time. This means if you could hypothetically decode frequencies beyond visible light you would see an overlap of dimensions and existences. If you have ever seen a pet respond or react to something unseen by its owner you may understand some species have a greater sensory perception and ability to decode wider bandwidths.                                                            The experience of any given existence changes with awareness or the observer's ability to reside in dimensions beyond visible light.   The human body doesn’t break like the glass cup when its molecules respond to higher frequencies, rather the awareness ceases to exist in the 3rd dimension and ascends to an existence compatible with its newer state of vibration allowing for greater access to frequencies.                                                         The process of raising one’s frequency through high vibratory states of love compassion and wisdom is the process of ascending to wider frequency bandwidths and with it greater sources of colour/light. The journey of matter into spirit is the journey of dematerialization comprising of an existence with less density and matter as the awareness ascends through various stages of frequency. The journey of matter into spirit is the journey of higher and higher states of vibration measured in cycles per second.                                To vibrate at the speed of light is to become light itself, one with source God formless and infinite, everything and nothing, infinite possibility the source of infinite frequency from which all other frequency and forms of existence derive cascading down from pure light into the various modalities of density and experience.                                                    To exist in the physical form is to have an experience, source God in its state of infinity and all possibility cannot have a singular and linear experience. Time and space as it is constructed in our reality is the basis under which possibility is pulled from infinite possibility to create finite physics and rules that govern our experience in the 3rd dimension.                                                      How can you experience anything if you are everything? Indeed how can you have an experience when you are the experience itself? Let’s look at an analogy to help understand this question: If I am person A and let's say person A goes by the name of John, I cannot experience John since I AM John.                                            However John's friend Claire can experience John because she has a point of reference that allows her to observe John and experience John from a perspective, an observers perspective. Thus she can experience John, while John himself cannot experience himself since he is in fact the experience. To a lesser extent a roller coaster cannot experience exhilaration, joy and adrenaline since it is the provider of these experiences, it is the experience itself.
The eye cannot turn in on itself and look at itself.  It would seem that we are source God experiencing itself subjectively through mere existence propagated and derived from its own self into planes separated by frequencies and their respective light spectrum.     The possible forms of expression are infinite since the source they derive from is also infinite.


Some of the many figures in human history whose frequencies rose beyond that of the 3rd dimensional experience are known as the Ascended Masters. World Renowned Channel Darryl Anka appeared on a televised show in 1987 channelling before an audience and delivering the following message of his long time contact an interdimensional entity known only as Bashar.
What we describe as being “physical reality” is a projection, a dream, an illusion our perceptions are creating reality. Individuals are like faces or segments of the multi-dimensional crystal, the thoughts, the thinking, dreams and expressions of the ultimate creator and to that end we are co-creators. We are the thoughts, the emotions and all the different ways the creator has of contemplating itself into existence, psychical reality is but the dream of the creator.                                            The person or persona, that which we believe ourselves to be in this life is not the totality of who we are it is an artificial construct. As an infinite being we project aspects of ourselves into many dimensions of reality and experience. Each and every one of the constructs is like a prism, and like a crystal prism it will absorb infinite and homogonous light from the total consciousness that we are and pass it through the prism of belief, emotion and thoughts which will break that light down into the diversified spectrum of the immediate and specific physical reality that we hold at any given moment to be true and real for us individually.                                                                  When we adjust the ideas, beliefs and thoughts we create a different prism, a different crystal structure permitting this light to pass through in a different way and ultimately allowing for the projection of different types of realities onto the “screen”, the 360 degree reality which we think is outside but is actually within.

"I will raise him up at the last day."  John 6:40
Living In The 4th-5th Dimension

If you are spiritual in nature and predisposed to such topics you will have no doubt heard expressions relating to people on earth living in various dimensions, such as a variation of "I live in the 4th dimension" If you are also a logical person of sound mind you may have also wondered how it's possible for 2 individuals who reside on earth and who occupy the same physical space to exist in  differing dimensions.                                          The conventional idea of dimensions depicted in scientific fiction will suggest for good reason that dimensions while existing within the same space do not reveal themselves to occupants from one dimension to another.                               That being the case we need to understand dimensions not only as "spaces" but as the frequency within and to an extent the frequency that "creates" that space. Thus there are 2 ways to answer the question above. Firstly there is the metaphysical answer which will use an understanding of frequency embodied within the human auric field among other aspects of the non physical body and how this will determine your existence within a compatible dimension. But more importantly for the regular person living within the 4th-5th dimension is simply to live with impeccable behaviour, exhibit an exemplary standard of love, compassion, wisdom, honourability and humility. The Earth's resonance (see the Schumann Resonance) is rising and within linear time as perceived in the physical plane there will arrive a moment when earth and her children will live universally and collectively in such a utopia, the reason for this is that as the earth's frequency rises people who are born within the higher earth resonance will be made with their faculties intact. This means a more realized version of  existing DNA.                                                                    There are people who exist at this very moment who are living and embodying 4th-5th dimension characteristics pulling and raising the frequency of the earth. This interaction between a higher and lower frequency is easily understood within the conventional understanding of sound resonance. While those who are embodying the 4th-5th dimension as individuals may not be alive to experience the earth's next incarnation they will themselves incarnate into a dimension compatible with the frequency attained and built upon while in their earthly existence.                                            The universe is the ultimate alchemist, designing the varying degrees of all traits of the human. A snap shot and image of celestial bodies at the time of birth, their paths among other happenings in the sky are your personal combination and tool kit with which to start on this earth. To that end we are alchemists, embodying the recipe that are all the signs of the zodiac, forever exerting but in the end balancing and harmonizing these traits and personalities along our journey unifying the masculine and feminine.                    The transformation and transmutation of led into gold that is the shift of personality traits and the totality of our existence as a whole and yes the transmutation in alignment with the higher self is alchemy of the purest kind.                                      The human is the most revered among all incarnation types, you chose to be here knowing in your wisdom the difficulty in the transfiguration from self destruction to self mastery. This of all ascension processes is the widest in spectrum and the highest in growth potential, to choose this incarnation is to choose the path of greatest suffering born from this your eventual reward and triumph.                                                                The higher dimensions look upon you with respect and admiration, you are the most beloved in this galactic and multidimensional family. To that end we enter the earth plane with a team of guides often more than one stepping into availability throughout various stages of our growth ever ready to be of service. Many people will seek out their guide in times of despair, Ironically it's in these moments that our guides appear distant  as if they have gone quite when you need them most the synchronisations and signs appear to stop. More accurately however the apparent abandonment is in fact a case of receptiveness and compatibility of frequencies.                                                             The state of fear, uncertainty and despair sit on the lower end of the frequency scale thus receptiveness on your part is compromised and compatibility with the higher frequency of your guide is made improbable.                               Working with your guides and being receptive can be tricky while identifying our own thoughts and that of divine assistance is also difficult without discipline in observations and repetition. However a key difference is in the nature of obtaining answers that sometimes seem to simply pop into mind in moments of prayer and meditation.                                                                Our native thoughts involve a cognitive process thinking in steps and stages until you obtain an outcome. Consciousness and information from spirit doesn't involve cognitive processes on your part, the information is already in totality and in final manifestation by the time it pops into your head. It can be compared to a house appearing in its full and final construct within an instant  as oppose to observing all the stages of the build before finally viewing the house in final form. If you're not using your own sensory perception ie the common clairs then spirit will work creatively to get the message across using for instance dialogue and lines in a television show or advertisement, Spirit will use people as well during encounters with strangers or family.                                             They know each of us very well and understand exactly which method of communication to use that will result in a higher probability of the individual receiving and comprehending the advice tailored for us. Spirit is filled full of joy when we realise the patterns and plans in use for us individually and which suites us in particular according to our levels of comprehension. Moreover when we ourselves realise the cleverness of spirit we also become full of excitement and exhilaration, Spirit sits in the frequency of joy, excitement and playfulness, when we reside in the these moments we thus are of the same frequency and a strong connection can be had between ourselves and our guides.

Final Thoughts

The universe is vast, expansive and exponentially more complex than any elaborate piece of fiction ever conceived.                                            Containing within it individualised and diversified expressions of the infinitely multifaceted god with no single expression which are all the species and organisms in the universe permitted to hold all knowledge of divine design and creation, whether they are aware or non aware in intelligence. They are however as is every human on earth an expression that stands from a point of perception within reality. What the world looks like to you is dependent upon a culmination of experiences, feelings and character traits that shapes and reflects itself outwardly the things which you have developed inward by way of interplay and interaction with the external.                                      An illustration of this fact is made evident in the story of two mythical gods perceiving the different worlds each of us live in. It is the story of two Indian gods Ganesha the god of new beginnings and Kartikeya a god war. Kartikeya proclaimed to Ganesha that he could be victorious and win in a race to circle the world, so he proceeded to cross oceans and continents travelling the entire globe. Upon return he had discovered that Ganesha had also returned having made his trip 3 times in the time it took Kartikeya to travel the world just once, Genesha then suggested "you went around the world while I went around my world", a world which was merely the circumference of his parents home.                                                Further still and perhaps better illustrating the varying impressions of the world particularly in comparison to the East and West is the story of Alexander the great who happened upon a Gymnosophist in 326BC along the Indus river while on his world conquering travels.         Alexander asked the naked wise man "what are you doing here" to which the naked man replied "I'm experiencing nothing", in response Alexander proudly retorted "well I'm conquering the world". Both men laughed at the foolishness of the other but who was right?.      You see Alexander grew up in a world that was renowned for stories of great and impressive figures like Hercules, Achilles, Odysseus, Perseus, Gods, Goddess's and mythical creatures. To Alexander the world was to be experienced just once, thus life should be lived and be fulfilled to the fullest. Though from an eastern perspective and in the opinion of the naked wise man life was a cycle of understanding, a cycle of reincarnation with the goal of attaining understanding and achieving absolution from the karmic wheel of life and death. The question need not to seek a determination of right and wrong or credibility, the more pertinent question is one of open mindedness and all encompassing flexibility.                                  Alexander thought he was right and the naked man believed he was the one living the correct path, both however had solidified a belief system that created a world which looked a certain way to each of them. Assuming each of them were stubborn in their insistence of rightfulness both in that case would have lost the opportunity of expansion, to expand and grow to literally create new neural pathways within the brain. When a belief system has solidified in that it has become finite, absolute and perceived to be the totality of information and knowledge it reinforces within the brain a repetition of the same stagnant neural path closing the preverbal Lid, which via cyclic reinforcement inhibits the brains ability to integrate, comprehend or accept additional concepts that would require the flexibility conducive to creating new neural connections.                                         This is a foundational requirement for learning, not least learning the complexities of life and the universe itself. It is a foundation in which expansion and realisation of possibilities and the sharing of such information with the goal of introducing new perspectives are made possible. Each of us is a spark of the divine approaching a centre that is the infinite source of all creative expression, though we are approaching from different angles and points of perception holding with us our unique piece of the larger puzzle. We all arrive at the same place eventually and there is no method of traversal which is inherently wrong when the destination is the same.








Electromagnetic spectrum: The range of electromagnetic radiation and their respective wavelengths and photon energies
Nucleus: Small mass region consisting of protons and neutrons at the centre of an atom
Piezoluminescence: Is a form of luminescence emitted by friction and pressure upon certain solids
Piezochromism: Describes the process of materials to change colour upon applied pressure
Chakra: The chakras are the 7 centre points in the subtle body
Superposition: The  arrangements of particles that exist in multiple configuration simultaneously and who's most general state is one of all possibility
Reincarnation: Also referred to as rebirth or transmigration, reincarnation is the Saṃsara doctrine of cyclic existence
Schumann resonance: The Schumann resonances are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum
Electromagnetism: The phenomenon of the interaction of electric currents or fields and magnetic fields.
Ascension: Believed within spiritual wisdom to be the process of spiritual evolution
Alchemical transmutation: Transmuting or changing properties from a basic state to a higher or more refined state.
Dimethyltryptamine: A naturally occurring tryptamine molecule found in plants and animals
Observer effect: When an instrument or device used to observe or measure a state in fact changes or alters the state of that which it is attempting to observe

Subtle Body: Or etheric body is the non physical counterpart to the physical body residing within a non physical plane

Aura: The energy field surrounding a living entity